About Us

We are a bunch of dog-loving experts who dedicated their entire lives to everything related to dogs, their behavior, health, diet, and more. We owned dogs, and we still do. We are entirely aware of how beautiful life with dogs can be.

As experts with long years of expertise in grooming, house sitting, training, and everything else related to dogs, we have but one mission – to help our readers provide the highest quality life for their furry little friends.

Owning a dog isn’t exactly rocket science. However, there are certain things people can learn about how to make the whole process much easier for both them and their favorite pets. It’s safe to say that we know pretty much everything about dogs. Our extensive experience and vast knowledge cover everything from caring for your furry friend to pampering and raising.

With so many things on the internet, it’s challenging to find the right information that will teach you how to care for your dog. From products and toys to best walking routines or training, we will use our knowledge to provide you with the best dog product reviews, latest news, trends, and much more. Our recommendations work.

The Team

Ryan Montgomery

Ryan has spent his entire life being surrounded by dogs. He’s also a seasoned veterinarian, and his passion for dogs is only topped by his thirst for knowledge.

Since he dedicated his entire life to dogs, he decided to create a valuable resource of accurate dog-related information, where dog lovers can come to get better knowledge on how to take better care of their best furry friends.

His vision was to build a website where readers can find every piece of information about dogs, their health, diet, habits, behavior, and more. Owning a dog means having a new family member, which is something that no one should take for granted.

Eva Jones

A real animal lover and dog whisperer, Eva shares love for all animals, with dogs holding a special place in her heart. With dogs being her closest area of expertise and as a passionate, seasoned veterinarian, Eva has dedicated her entire life to educating people about dogs and how they make our lives better.

Being a talented veterinary practitioner, she has all the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to provide accurate information to all interested readers. Her dedication to dogs will help every reader learn everything about the day-to-day aspects of having a dog.