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The Absolute Best Large Breed Dog Food

Written by Eva Jones
Quick Picks

Best Fatty Acid Balance: Blue Buffalo High Protein Grain Free – This is an excellent quality option for any pet owner looking to slim up their pup! It’s a budget option which has a great grain-free formula.

Best Digestive Ingredients: Iams Proactive Health – The probiotic capabilities of this food have left me pinching my nose and getting two bags from my pocket, but they sure made my dog happy.

Best Quality Chicken: NUTRO Wholesome Essentials – While this has been a little more expensive, I’ve been entranced by the quality of the food. It smells like the best Sunday chicken roast in the world, and my dog is in love with it!

Best Health Benefits: Wellness Complete Health – This dog nutrition option has quite a lot of different claims behind it, and they’re all backed by science! My dog’s coat has never been quite as healthy as after finishing this bag of dog food!

Most Variety: Purina Pro Plan Large Breed – I was reading all about this dog nutrition option for ages before I settled for chicken, as there are a lot of different options, all for large dog breeds!

The health of your pet is probably one of your most significant worries. Keeping your pet healthy and happy is of the top priority, and you should always make sure you’re getting the best for your furry baby. The importance of proper meals is often overlooked, but it shouldn’t be!

There are two different types of meals for your dog. No, not ground chicken and ground lean beef, although the taste choice is also essential. Plentiful breed puppy foods and Adult dog foods. Feeding your puppy the improper kind of puppy food can lead to some substantial health issues, such as hip displays.

Dogs are mammals and our best friends. They require a wide range of nutrients, proteins, and minerals to survive and prosper, just like us. You wouldn’t feed your child an incomplete diet, would you? Of course not, and you shouldn’t feed your dog an improper food either.

A balanced diet for dogs consists of a variety of different ingredients, such as.

  • Meats
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Grains

These provide all of the much-required fibers, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that dogs need to stay healthy, happy, and in shape. Large breed pet puppies grow quite a lot in a short timeframe, and hence dogs need a special diet to satisfy their nutritional needs.

AKC concludes that obesity, bloating, and numerous bone-related illnesses are heavily influenced by the diet that your furry friend consumes. Knowing this, you need to take care that you’re giving him the best there is. Proper meals save lives and make for some happy dogs.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

Description: I’ve bought this dog food quite a while ago, and when I’m looking to treat my dog, this is my first choice. This pet nutrition complex offers a wide variety of vitamins and minerals while nourishing my dog to the absolute maximum. My furry friend is in love with this food, and he can’t stop eating it. It is a good large breed, fat,  grain-free dog food option.

Even if it is one of the cheaper puppy foods on the market, it is still a contender with more expensive foods. Nothing is out of budget when my furry companion is concerned, puppies absolutely love this.

AAFCO: Adult Dog Food

Type: Dry

Flavor: Chicken Recipe

Key Benefits:

  • Real lean chicken Ingredients
  • Advanced vitamin, mineral, and protein blend
  • All-natural and grain-free
  • Free of preservatives
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Glucosamine rich
  • Helps maintain bone and heart health
  • Veterinary Recommendation


  • Advanced fat, a nutritional formula for larger dogs
  • No artificial coloring or additives
  • Soy-free
  • Boosts dogs immune system
  • Rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for dogs


  • May give your dog an unpleasant breath

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free has an average of 4.3/5 stars on Amazon and is an Amazon’s Choice item. This makes it one of the best-rated dog foods on Amazon.

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Iams Proactive Health Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

Description: I have had quite a pleasant experience with this puppy food. The thing that really got me hooked on it was the veterinarian recommendation, and I wasn’t wrong in my pick. My dog has a couple of allergies, so I have to be careful when purchasing food. He absolutely loves this meal, and it doesn’t cause any reactions whatsoever. Lean Chicken fat, grain-free lean nutrition really makes it stand out.

The only issue I have with it is that it makes for some healthy, yet very unpleasant dog stool. Perhaps the probiotic properties of this pet food are a little too good.

AAFCO: Adult Large Breed Dog Food

Type: Dry

Flavor: Chicken Recipe

Key Benefits:

  • Made with real chicken Ingredients
  • Rich in proteins and fiber
  • A lot of healthy fats
  • High-Quality ingredients for dogs


  • Advanced protein matrix
  • Promotes bone and joint health
  • Help keep off the pounds
  • Grain-free
  • Improves muscle gain for larger dogs
  • Boosts immune system
  • Amazing protein-fat balance
  • Dried, no unpleasant smells whatsoever
  • Maintains healthy digestive tract
  • Filled with glucosamine
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Good oil and fatty acids


  • Smelly, moist dog stool

Iams Proactive Health Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Foods has an average of 4.5 / 5 stars on Amazon and is an Amazon’s Choice item. It comes in 3 different bag sizes and several monthly shipping options. This makes it one of the top-rated grain-free large breed dog nutritional meals on the market.

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NUTRO Wholesome Essentials Natural Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food

Description: When I was considering giving this dog foods a chance, I had my doubts because it was a little bit more expensive than the competition. When I did get my first pack of NUTRO, the packaging itself insured the quality. My dog is in love with the Chicken fat in this!

My dog loves chicken, but he seemed to enjoy the chicken, rice, and sweet potato blend that much more. All in all, an excellent, tasty dog meal. No smelly stool either!

AAFCO: Adult Large Breed Dog Food

Type: Dry

Flavor: Farm-Raised Chicken, Brown Rice and Sweet Potato Recipe

Key Benefits:

  • Non-GMO ingredients
  • Protein-rich
  • Natural oil rich
  • Glucosamine rich
  • Specially formulated for large dogs
  • High-Quality formula and blend
  • A lot of good fatty acids


  • A lot of different, nutritional flavors
  • Promotes a healthy meal diet
  • Helps Joint health
  • Natural source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin
  • Calcium-rich, maintaining bone health
  • A lot of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrition
  • Full of protein and healthy fat
  • Comes in 3 meal sizes


  • More expensive than the competition

NUTRO Wholesome Essentials Natural Adult Large Breed Dry Dog Food has an average of 4.4 / 5 stars on Amazon and is an Amazon’s Choice item. It comes in 3 different bag sizes and monthly shipping options, with an additional monthly subscription discount.

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Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed Dog Food

Description: Okay, it’s storytime. I’ve actually won the lottery, but my winnings were far smaller than a cool million. With my newly earned 100 bucks, I was looking to treat my furry buddy to a more “top-of-the-line” pet nutrition option, and so I went with Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed Dog Food. No one said life was cheap, or kibble for that matter and your animal deserves only the best.

I really didn’t make a mistake, as I’ve never seen my dog munch down on something quite as quick. This dog meal is rich in protein, oil, and fiber all while having daring nutritional balance. It has a controlled caloric intake to make sure my dog doesn’t stuff its face too much. It promotes bone, digestive, and heart health, which got me interested in it. It’s also chock-full of energy!

AAFCO: Adult Large Breed Dog Food, 1 year and older

Type: Dry

Flavor: Chicken & Rice Recipe

Key Benefits:

  • Promotes digestive health
  • Full-sized meat chunks
  • Promotes bone health
  • Promotes heart health
  • Calorie control properties
  • Dense in healthy fats
  • Premium Ingredients


  • 340 kcal/cup, allowing for calorie intake support
  • Very rich in protein, healthy weight management
  • Promotes a glistening, healthy, thick coat
  • Authentic and real ingredients for everyday health
  • Chalk Full of antioxidant support properties
  • The premium choice for large breed dogs
  • Has a balanced natural oil and nutrition matrix
  • Maximum optimal nutrient absorption
  • Good, unique recipe


  • Most expensive recipe on the list

Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Large Breed Dog Food has an average of 4.2 / 5 stars on Amazon and is an Amazon’s Choice item. It comes in 2 different bag sizes and monthly shipping options, with two additional monthly subscription discounts.  This makes it one of the best dog meal options for extra-large breeds.

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Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food & Wet Dog Food

Description: Since my dog loves ground chicken, and I love Purina products, I decided to make a compromise and get the best of both worlds. What I got was some nutrition rich dog meal, which my dog couldn’t stop eating. It was truly life-changing and energy-boosting for him! Whatever the recipe is, I want it.

The best quality-quantity ratio on this list comes with this animal-related product. This active dog food is a sure-fire recipe for success with any dog coming along with amazing nutrition properties, health-improving benefits, and digestive properties.

AAFCO: Adult Large Breed Dog Food, 50 pounds plus

Type: Dry and Wet

Flavor: Various Recipes

Key Benefits:

  • A lot of different flavors, ingredients, and bundles to pick from
  • Delicious and healthy, chock-full of protein and minerals
  • Optimal vitamin and nutrient blend
  • Natural glucosamine sourced from meat
  • Joint maintenance properties
  • Some are grain-free
  • Rich in fiber, advanced meal option
  • A reputable and well-known manufacturer
  • Natural prebiotic fiber, sourced from wheat bran


  • Made from real and all-natural ingredients
  • Pro-Plan addition, reputability, and high-quality assurance
  • Powerful diet, optimized for large dogs
  • Weight Reduction properties
  • Good fatty acids
  • Coat maintenance and boosting properties
  • Provides reasonable portion control for meals
  • Specially formulated with hip dysplasia fighting nutrients
  • Super Long Shelf Life due to grains


  • Odd sizing options

Purina Pro Plan Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food & Wet Dog Food has an average of 4.4 / 5 stars on Amazon and is an Amazon’s Choice item. It comes in 7 different bags and can bundle, and monthly shipping support options, with two additional monthly subscription discounts.  This makes it one of the best dry pet meals for giant breeds such as mastiffs, which need additional support for the joints.

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What’s considered a large breed dog?

Large dog breeds are dogs that have over 50 pounds in weight and 24 inches in height while mature. Anything over 100 pounds in weight is considered a giant dog breed. Different dogs like a different recipe and larger ones tend to like meatier foods. Joint maintenance is also very important in large dogs, which is supplemented by proper kibble.

What’s the difference between a small breed and large breed dog meal?

When it comes to large breed dog food vs. regular dog food, there are a couple of differences. Larger dogs need fewer calories and different nutrition for their muscles. PetMD states that while smaller dogs need 44.5 calories per pound, large dogs need only 22 calories per pound. This is why a large dog breed meal is less calorie dense, joint-friendly, cheaper, and bigger in size. These are also professional vet recommendations.

Are large breed dog meals necessary?

Yes. Large dog breeds need a specific diet based on their age in order to promote proper growth. Improper growth can cause numerous health and bone issues. Wheat and other grains need to be in proper balance, for maximum muscles and muscle development.

What to look for when choosing food for large breeds?

The recipe is not the only important thing! There are a couple of things you need to look if you want to get the greatest large breed dog food, such as:

  • The age of the dog (Older dogs require different meal options from puppies.)
  • The size of the specific breeds (There are even more specific meal options for exact sizes.)
  • The nutritional value (Different breeds have different predispositions, requiring different nutrition.)
  • The breeds medical predispositions, requiring different kinds of meal options.
  • Healthy fats, wheat, protein, carb, fiber ratio
  • Good blend of grains, fruits, vegetables, and all-natural meats.

How much to feed a large breed dog?

 This depends on the actual size of your dog. You can find the scale right here, or ask your local vet.

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